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-Don't have skills or time to make a nice cozy and personalized, very own homesite for you or your character?
-Tired of mentioning too many addresses or asking about which networks the other person in to add the contacts?
-Tired of waiting, while the person tries to find you on the net, typing long addresses to add you?
-Want people to easilly find you on the net after meeting at the convention or just finding a photo of you?

- We have a solution! ^^
What will you get and why this is so cool? :
You will get:

+ Your personal independant and unique web page, that would lead to all the other places you are on the net, will need to only give ONE link!
+ A generated QR-code link, that you can place on a badge or ID/business cards or anywhere, just take a photo and it would link you, no need to type or search!
+ Cool badge and personalized site art/icon commission options, you can get all in one!

If you are a fursuiter, with a badge like that there won't be any unsigned anonimous photos, all that one interested in you needs - is a photo! Then he'll have a general info and a wide choice of all your network locations, what can be better and easier?
Example QR code:we can do crazier stuff to it if you would like