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- Custom designed page, filled with content, provided by You - just $65 for the site with main and one extra page and +15usd for each additional page or function

- Cool digital QR-badge commission +25 usd

- Art design elements, made exclusively for your site, such as header image and small emoticons (can be ordered only with the QR-badge) +25 usd

Time : depends on how big and complicated is the order, but should not be longer, than 3 weeks after it is your turn.

Payment : expected after the order is confirmed, and non refundable as the work on your order has begun.

Guarantees : you can always request a WIP status and all the files, also to be in touch with us: coder, designer and the artists via skype or FA notes.

Order Format:
1) Do you want to order
(A) - just the page,
(B) - page with a QR-badge commission,
(C) - The page with a QR-badge And custom art design elements, made exclusively for the site (such as header art and small emoticons)

2) Do you want the page style to be
(A) - made exactly in your character's color palette
(B) - Mixed but resembling the character's color palette in some way; so that it will still fit to the page style and aesthetic.
(C) - You have a specific color palette in mind for the page
(D) - Give artists and designer artistic freedom, to make extra sure everything would look cool.

3) List your social networks pages or places on the net and other ways to contact you, also include the name of the page if you have one in mind (otherwice we can help you brainstorm to make one nwn), any images you want to be on the main page (and a header image if you haven't ordered it as extra option, it may be both image or photo or just the text), and the main description text (you can think of it later and we or you youself can add it to the final product when it would be ready)

4) Do you want a site with more/extra info on it on a separate pages, like, more detailed descriptions, extra references or photos? If yes - write below the text or the links on photos or the file names if they are added to a mail. You can also write down the comments to photos or pictures ou provide, about the order or which ones should have what description placed underneath?

5) Please, write your p-pal e-mail below, so we could send an invoice when the order would be confirmed
Please send an order-form, as an email following the above layout, to iamcynori@gmail.com, with a subject line:"SITE ORDER FORM". You may include comments to the end, but please be sure you have all five of the above points in your order-form email.